• Albert Neve

    Albert Neve is one of the most iconic Dj in Spain, internationally known for his productions and remix´s like “Play Hard” with David Guetta. The world is ready to see him succeed even more this year.

  • DJ Luane

    Luane is a Brazilian Dj who has played in the biggest festivals around the world. She also has original tracks: “Hear me”, “Young”... Is currently #18 in Asia, #4 in Brazil.

  • There are shortcuts to happiness

    and dancing is one of them

  • When life hands you lemons

    bust out the tequila and the salt!

Let music flow in your heart and enrich your soul


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A place to liste to our Artist new releases, collaborations, sesions and everything in between.

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Want to listen to good music? Here is the place. A place where our Artists express their emotions and do it on streamings only showed here.

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Who are WE and what we DO?

ACZ Group is happy to announce that we have opened our record label UltrAsia Records, a record rabel, specialized in electronic music that wants to share with you this dream come true.UltrAsia, was born with the purpose of bringing its music to the global stage, welcoming new talents, the best aspiring artists to join our team, offering quality releases, within the broad spectrum of electronic dance music in order to expand worldwide through events and festivals.Apart from UltrAsia, ACZ group have ACZ Agency, and artist agency with more than 12 years of experience and many big names in their roster.

ACZ Agency mostly is working in Asia but ready to start globally plus AsiaClubZone and EuropeClubZone (our new addition to the group) , a promotion companies and websites used for many Clubs all over Asia and Europe to promote their events and festivals. This is the beginning of a journey for ACZ Group and we are pleased to share it with you. Very soon you will receive new and surprising news.Welcome and thanks for joining us.