Don't miss these strategies to boost your education job interviews

Following are several tips you can follow to ensure your resume is up-to-date and top-notch:

1. Check your career objectives. Are they the same as they were during your last job search?

Ensure that your resume will reflect the industry or profession that you are pursuing. It is important to remember that a resume is not just simply a history of your employment, education, professional development and associations. The resume and cover letter needs to reflect and target the position that you are seeking. Most career changers have a tough time with this. That is why they seek the help of a professional resume writer. 

2. Is your resume format outdated and uninspiring?

It is important to remember that as you grow in your profession, you must also have a resume that will reflect your professionalism. The days of the old, boring, standard resume formats are history. There are so many great sophisticated formats today that will allow you to highlight your achievements. You need to stand out from the hundreds of resumes that are received by an employer on a daily basis. Creativity, eye-catching formatting, and the ability to use keywords effectively is what will get you in the door. 

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Speaking of formatting don't forget to use the correct application letter format, if is vital. 

You can review our resume and cover letter samples by clicking on this link:

3. Have you added new employment, skills, and accomplishments?

Keeping your resume fresh and up-to-date is essential; you never know when an opportunity will arise. Do you really want to miss out because you were not prepared? Ensure that your added responsibilities or promotions have been reflected in your resume. Accomplishments are critical to include in your resume. Don't miss this important ingredient. 

4. Are you using up-to-date education keywords?

Most people find it hard to believe but industry jargon, buzzwords, and technology change almost daily. Make sure that your resume is peppered with these keywords. It helps to review job postings and even school district websites. This will keep you updated on the latest trends in keywords and even in interviewing techniques.  

Nowadays, when resumes are submitted online, they are first 
processed and scanned electronically by an automated 
applicant tracking system (ATS) which “reads” the resumes 
for the human resources staff before they do.

When the ATS scans your resume, it is looking for specific keywords that the school or school district has specified for the positions they are hiring for. If your resume contains enough of the desired keywords, your resume will be advanced onto the next stage of the process — getting to be viewed by actual human eyes.
Understanding how applicant tracking systems screen education candidates using keywords will make all the difference in your job search.

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Keeping your resume and cover letter updated  and “ready to go” is a great way to make sure you  do not miss out on career opportunities.


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