Job Information
Primary/middle school Oral English Teacher in Guangdong Province Featured
Foshan, China 81 Days Ago
Job Type: Full-Time
Salary Range: ¥ 16000 - 18000 Per Month
Subject to Teach: English
Posted: 05-06-2019
Job District: 
Number of Positions available: 3
Contract Lenght: 1 Year
Duration of Each Class: 40 (minutes)
Class Amount per Week: 21-30 (classes)
Office Hours per Week: 31-40 (hours)
Students’ Age: 5-10 (years old), 10-15 (years old)
Class Size: 15-20 (students)
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or above
Starting Date: 04-06-2019
Other Requirements: 
Taxes: Before Taxes
Air Fee Allowance: Yes
Travel Allowance: No
Insurance: Yes
Apartment: No
Utilities: No
Offered Meals: Yes
Over Work Allowance: Not Specify
How Much?: 
Holidays (Specify how many days per holiday): winter (3 weeks) and summer (4 weeks) vacation with half paid salary and full housing as well as airfare allowance
Paid Holidays: Yes
Other Allowance (Specify): 
Week/Monthly Allowances: Not Specify
Minimum Experience:
Teacher's Age Range: 20 years - 45 years
Job Status
Start Publishing: 04-06-2019
Stop Publishing: 04-07-2019
Foshan, China
Foshan, China


School Description:


This private school is a pioneer in child English education in China. With 5 branches across China, including 6 locations in the city of Guangzhou alone, it also cooperates with local government delivering programs in public and private school.


All programs taught at the school based on curriculums used in North America while incorporating highly effective Chinese teaching techniques. Knowledge and skills are imparted through story-telling songs, hands-on activities, and other interactive forms 





1.        Native speaker from Canada, US, UK, Australia and New Zealand


2.        Bachelor’s degree or above


3.        At least 1 year of teaching experience for education program graduates or at least 2 year of teaching experience for non-education program graduates


4.        Clear criminal background check from residence country issued within 6 months of application


5.        Obtaining teaching one of the certificates: TEFL, TESOL, TESL or CELTA


6.        Passionate in teaching, especially young learners


7.        Cross-cultural awareness and team-work spirit




Job Description:


1.        Work hours per week: Max. 30 hours (including giving lessons and other work content)


2.        Participate in curriculum revision and course design


3.        Lead or attend company’ committee meeting as well as training and sharing sessions


4.        Lead or attend schools’ meeting on teaching and research


5.        Participate in co-curriculum and extra-curricular activities


6.        Constantly monitor and support students’ progress and be accountable for that progress




Salary and Benefit:


1.        Salary: 16k-18k per month


2.        Housing allowance: 2000RMB/month


3.        Airfare allowance: 680RMB/month


4.        Accident and health insurance


5.        Paid holiday: winter (3 weeks) and summer (4 weeks) vacation with half paid salary and full housing as well as airfare allowance


6.        Others: Airport pickup; team-building activities

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