Job Information
Kindergarten English teacher Gold
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China 158 Days Ago
Job Type: Full-Time
Salary Range: ¥ 12000 - 25000 Per Month
Subject to Teach: English
Posted: 09-01-2019
Job District: 
Number of Positions available: 90-100
Contract Lenght: 1 Year
Duration of Each Class: 4 (hours)
Class Amount per Week: 1-10 (classes)
Office Hours per Week: 21-30 (hours)
Students’ Age: 1-5 (years old), 5-10 (years old)
Class Size: 1-5 (students), 5-10 (students), 10-15 (students), 15-20 (students)
Starting Date: 09-01-2019
Other Requirements: 
Taxes: Before Taxes
Air Fee Allowance: Yes
Travel Allowance: Yes
Insurance: Yes
Apartment: Not Specify
Utilities: Yes
Offered Meals: Yes
Over Work Allowance: Yes
How Much?: Flight ticket bonus at the end of the contract term
Holidays (Specify how many days per holiday): 
Paid Holidays: Yes
Other Allowance (Specify): All Chinese Holidays Paid + paid School Holidays (summer and winter holidays and Christmas holidays)
Week/Monthly Allowances: Yes
Minimum Experience: 2 Year
Teacher's Age Range: 10 years - 45 years
Job Status
Start Publishing: 09-01-2019
Stop Publishing: 08-02-2019
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

1. Full-time job positions in Shenzhen China.
2. Native speakers welcome to apply.
3. Full-time Chinese course all over China.
4. Monthly pay 12000Yuan-25000Yuan dependent on Teachers' experience,  qualifications, and different institutions.

ESL teachers who apply for jobs please contact and send documents you have below :

1. Bachelor or a higher degree.
2. TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate or bachelor major in education language teaching / 2years + teaching ESL experience
3. A clean criminal record.
4. A resume with photo and working experience description.
5. A one-minute phone-recorded self-introduction video.

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