Job Information
Native English speaker or non-native with an excellent command of English.
Beijing, China 95 Days Ago
Job Type: Full-Time
Salary Range: ¥ 12000 - 20000 Per Month
Subject to Teach: English
Posted: 15-04-2019
Job District: 
Number of Positions available: 1
Contract Lenght: 1 Year
Duration of Each Class: 1 (hour)
Class Amount per Week: 11-20 (classes)
Office Hours per Week: 11-20 (hours)
Students’ Age: 10-15 (years old), 15-20 (years old)
Class Size: 10-15 (students), 15-20 (students)
Starting Date: 14-05-2019
Other Requirements: 
Taxes: Before Taxes
Air Fee Allowance: Not Specify
Travel Allowance: Not Specify
Insurance: Yes
Apartment: Not Specify
Utilities: Not Specify
Offered Meals: Not Specify
Over Work Allowance: Not Specify
How Much?: 
Holidays (Specify how many days per holiday): 
Paid Holidays: Not Specify
Other Allowance (Specify): 
Week/Monthly Allowances: Not Specify
Minimum Experience: 2 Year
Teacher's Age Range: 25 years - 45 years
Job Status
Start Publishing: 14-04-2019
Stop Publishing: 14-05-2019
Beijing, China
Beijing, China

Job description
1. Work type: Full Time. Maximum of 40 hours working per week.
2. Class size: 8-10 students (Ages: 3-12 ).
3. Provide Work Permit for teachers who meet the requirements.
4. Lesson planning.
5. Assistant in the placement testing and interviewing of new students.
6.Communicating with the Chinese teachers about the class and the students’ progress.
7.Communicating in-person to the parents about their children’s progress.
8.Carry out teaching related responsibilities including, but not limited to demonstration classes, conversation clubs, tutorials, seminars,presentations and marketing activities.
9. Attend center social events.


10. Salary: 12-20K before tax

Positon Requirements
1. Be a native English speaker or non-native with an excellent command of English. 
2. BA degree.
3. Clear background check/The ability to obtain a clear background check.
4. TEFL / TESOL / CELTA certification .
5. Teaching experience preferred (minimum 1 years).
6. Available to work Friday afternoon and evening, all day Saturday and Sunday. 
7. Available to work Monday-Sunday during the months of July-August.

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