Job Information
Public school teacher Fall 2019 Featured
420 Days Ago
Salary Range: ¥ 11000 - 15000 Per Month
Subject to Teach: English
Job District: Longgang
Job Type: Full-Time
Duration of Each Class: 45 (minutes)
Class Amount per Week: 11-20 (classes)
Office Hours per Week: 11-20 (hours)
Starting Date: 26-08-2019
Contract Length: 1 Year
Posted: 16-05-2019

We are hiring college graduates from all majors to travel to China and gain international working experience as ESL (English as a second language) teachers for public and private schools across China. The most qualified candidates have a sense of adventure and are open to exploring different cultures, languages, and foreign environments as they spend a year or more overseas in China. We ensure a smooth candidate transition by providing your flight to China, visa application assistance, 24/7 support upon arrival, regular teacher/culture training, Chinese lessons, and frequent company-sponsored events for our team of over 500 teachers. We are sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education.



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