Teaching in China Checklist

1) Prepare your resume, cover letter, and a recent photo
2) In your cover letter, please let us know why you are interested in teaching in China, as well as your preferences in where you want to teach along with the type of classroom you prefer. We will do our best to send you job offers that match your preference. Please make sure your included photo is recent and with a pleasant smile.
3) Make sure your passport is valid for at least 1.5 years
4) If you do not yet have the required diploma/certification, please find out the date you will receive it. This will let us know the earliest date we can process your visa application.
5) Submit your application! We will help you throughout the rest of the process.

How much money can I earn?
Salaries are dependent on many different factors (type of school, location, experience, qualifications, benefits, etc). TEFL/TESOL qualified teachers can expect salaries ranging from RMB 10k - 20k. Teachers qualified to teach AP subjects at International Schools can earn RMB 25k+
Do I need any special qualifications to teach in China?
Can I apply early?
Can I apply late?
Will I have much surplus money after expenses?
What is the cost of living in China?
What's the food like?
Can I apply if I'm already in China?
Where can I teach in China?
Do I need to pay for my flight to China?
How much is roundtrip airfare to China?
Will I need to learn Chinese?

Teaching in China FAQ

Please read through this page for answers to your questions. We have covered everything you need to know prior to your interview. If you have any additional questions, you may email us or ask the questions during the interview.
Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your application!

How long will my contract be?
Due to the time and expense involved with visas, airfare, etc., schools require a 1 year contract. If you are not being reimbursed for airfare, there are more options for contract length.
Can I earn more money teaching extra hours?
Do I need to pay taxes in my Country?
Do I need a medical checkup from home or from China?
What will my work schedule be like?
Am I able to break a contract?
How much vacation will I have?
Will I have free housing?

China Visa Information

All about your visa.
Can I apply for my visa before I accept a teaching position?
No. The school you will be teaching for will act as your visa sponsor. You will need to have a contract before applying for your visa. Your school will then send you a formal invitation letter provided by the government. Once you receive this document, you are able to apply for your working Z visa. This process typically takes several weeks. After receiving your visa, you will be allowed to enter China. Typically, teachers are responsible for the cost of the visa.
The Z visa is valid for 30 days beginning on your first stamped entry into China within your passport. After arriving in China, your visa will be converted into a Residency Permit, allowing you to live in China during the length of your contract. You will also be required to have a standard medical checkup. We will help guide you throughout the process.
How many days is my visa valid?
What do I need to prepare for my China visa?


All about your health.
How can I stay healthy in China?
China has a wide variety of OTC medications for common ailments like (flu, indigestion, diarrhea, etc.), however, medications that you know works for you should be brought along. American favorites like NyQuil and TUMS are available online but are pricey. We also recommend following the U.S. Travel Department safety advice for your area.
Will I have health insurance?


All about money.
Will my credit card work in China?
Yes and no. Major credit cards will work at most chain stores and retailers. Small shops may only accept cash or money from apps.
Can I open a Chinese bank account?
Are Traveler's Checks accepted?